Joseph Cianciotto –Why Content is Everything for the Digital Native Today

It is true that those who spend a lot of time online on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter would get to read plenty of stories all day. These stories could be as per their preference, and yet, it would be so entertaining that many people admit to spending most of their time just scrolling down their feed all day. In fact, modern digital native is the one who would be visiting a restaurant, take a snap of the food, and share it on Instagram, on Facebook and finally even writing a review of the same online. Such reviews are stories such images are stories are very interesting too.

Joseph Cianciotto is a native writer who understands that today, content is here to make a big change in the marketing sector. A couple of decades ago, marketers would have laughed at the idea of impressing clients and customers with content.

Today content is everything and this is why companies are hiring digital natives to craft out content that are compelling enough to draw the customers, and make them interested. The current generation of readers is smart and they can identify a good and valuable content or even a relevant content from a distance. However, any reader browsing through the news feed would only look for relevance and if the title is something that seems to answer a question of theirs, they click on it.

However, right from the title, a native writer would have to take care of what he has to establish and not wander around the content. Yes, the content must be informative and offer the reader food for thought or even solution that he is looking for.

Just a few years ago, when mass content was a trend, many copy paste and poor quality of content works were doing the rounds online. Google and other search engines did a crackdown to improve quality and thanks to those efforts, today, all the writers understand that quality is of paramount importance.

Misleading titles might have been a thing in the past when mass articles were the trend. Back in those days, pushing products or services through marketing contents were common. However, today, digital natives hate these kinds of pushy articles. They would not like to click an article of ways to lose weight and get to a blank ad post of a weight loss pill. They would demand an article and if the articles are all-device friendly, then better.

The modern day native content writers like Joseph Cianciotto has been involved in making interesting native articles and posts all these years. He understands that in order to make the content very appealing the approach must be genuine. It must not be pointed towards selling. The native writer must establish trust with the reader right from the title and then share his story with great fluidity. The key role that content has to play here is to make the readers realize they need this product or service for their life and that too very subtly.